About Us

About Us

This is the digital revolution. People don’t just skip advertisements; they even pay to avoid it. But brands still need to reach relevant audiences.

Enjoy innovative technology that evolves with your needs, making product placement truly SIMPLE.

Film Ad Exchange provides a seamless convergence of cinematic content and brands in a new age of advertising. Whether you are an advertiser looking to amplify your campaign impact or a film producer aiming to maximize your revenue, FilmAdX is here to empower your success. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to meet the evolving demands of product placement.


CastMyBrand.com, a Zero commission portal by Film Ad Exchange, is the first product placement advertising exchange designed for advertisers making premium ad inventories of entertainment industries available at scale. We provide media buying solutions that help brands navigate the world of product placement advertising.

Get access to unlimited sources of cinematic content supply and build connections with media houses from around the world. Buy high-class advertising space — at affordable prices — and deliver messages that resonate with audiences that matter. Find your target groups and achieve mind-blowing results with FilmAdx.

CastMyBrand.com is a user-friendly platform, providing high-quality product placement opportunities across Big Screens, OTT Platforms, TV shows & Serials, Music Albums, Short Films, and Influencer Reels.

The portal automates the buying and selling of product placement ad space, making it easier for advertisers to reach their target audience and for production houses to monetize their content. Reputed production houses and celebrity management agencies can plug into this and offer pre/post-production placement opportunities to the advertisers.

For post-production placements, advertisers have visual access to the 'mock product integrated clip,' which gives a clear understanding of the visibility of the product, screen time, and its relevance within the context. We seamlessly integrate the product into the content through our AI-powered video editing software.