First Fully Managed Service for Product Placement & In-content Advertising

Is tracking all film/tv production a challenge for your business? Missing out on deals you don't hear about on time? Tired of digging through production to find out what's new?

The Most Effective And Impactful Way For Brands To Reach Audiences; Build Brand Image And Drive Sales In The New Age Of Advertising.

We work across all forms of video content from high-end entertainment movies on big screen to influencer content. Conventional broadcast advertising focuses on 15% of the available airtime while we focus on the remaining 85% comprising the content people actually want to see.

Film Ad exchange makes entertainment media ad inventories available to advertisers at scale. Advertisers have access to premium & exclusive ad inventory and can buy inventories from leading production house at pre-production and post-production stage.


  • Global Reach: Get access to unlimited sources of supply of our partner content and build connections with entertainment media houses from around the world.
  • Discover production in early preparation.
  • Buy high-class advertising space — at affordable prices — and deliver messages that resonate with audiences that matter.
  • Get verified and relevant inventories with the real-time market conditions.
  • User-friendly platform: A single transparent, one-view dashboard lets you manage your product placement campaigns in one place.
  • Clear & Easy Navigation
  • Buyers work directly with premium production houses and negotiate price directly

Service / Our process

  1. Identifying opportunities: With depth of expertise, our team analyze partner content to identify opportunities and for you to place your brand with high visibility and contextual relevancy.
  2. Approvals: We take approvals with rates from supplier partners for all the inventories identified.
  3. Lowest rates: We shall bring to you all the relevant inventories with rates (as quoted by our partner suppliers) with no commission added. You can bookmark the inventories you care about and discuss the detailing and pricing directly with the production house.
  4. Know your inventory: Know exactly what inventory you are buying. Get the clear understanding of how your product is placed and its relevancy with the context through mock clip of the visuals of all the inventories.
  5. Seamless integration: For pre-production integration, FilmAdx manages all logistics of the merchandise required at the production site. We also offer post-production integration: Our AI-powered specialized software dynamically inserts your brand into the content providing seamless integration without interrupting the viewer's experience.

Benefits of Film Ad Exchange for Advertisers

  • Increased Targeting Precision: Target specific audiences by buying inventory that aligns with your defined audience criteria, ensuring efficient and targeted ad delivery. Vast pool of ad inventory, allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring their brand reach the right audience.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Advertisers can optimize their budget allocation by participating in auctions that determine the maximum bid they are willing to pay for specific impressions, ensuring cost-effective advertising.
  • Optimize your media budget, and obtain full information about the available opportunities to showcase your brand.
  • We contribute to better ad campaign optimization by providing real-time bidding opportunities and access to vast ad inventory. Make informed decisions, refine targeting strategies, and optimize campaigns in real-time.


Other Agencies may Charge Heavy Commissions, Around 20-30% Of Your Advertising budget, but We Do Not. We Work as Partner with the Selective Top Production House and Offers You Only the Best. For Some Of Our Partners, We Are Their Exclusive Brand Integration Agency. We Pass On The Exact Quoted Rates Of Our Supply Partners To Our Clients. We Guarantee You The Exclusive Placement Opportunities With Lowest Price, Which No Other Agency Can.