Film Ad Exchange

Film Ad Exchange is an ad exchange that gives production houses access to a larger pool of advertisers and agencies and allows you to sell your ad inventories for product placement to multiple advertisers in a very short span of time.

Film Ad Exchange is only available to larger production house who meet certain eligibility criteria. Attract top-tier media buyers by offering them your premium ad space and drive incredible revenues with minimum efforts! Production house can plug into the Ad Exchange and make their digital advertising space available for buyers. Celebrity / Influencer management agencies can also sell bulk advertising inventories to advertisers.

Platform Features:

  1. Access to additional sources of demand, gaining greater exposure.
  2. Tap into the private marketplace (PMP) to sell exclusive inventory.
  3. Dedicated staff for assistance with posting of inventories and handling queries.
  4. Logistics management for pre-production integration.
  5. Virtual product placement in post-production through AI automation.

Film Ad Exchange works by establishing an open marketplace where buyers place real-time bids on your ad inventories. You may post your inventories in three kinds of auctions categories: Open auction, Private auction, and Preferred deal. Expect no less than profitable, fair, safe, and transparent ecosystem. Experience granular control over your inventory using selective search, configuring price floors and by approving certain advertisers only.

Benefits of Ad Exchange for Publishers:

  • Monetization Opportunities: Maximize revenue by auctioning your ad inventory to the highest bidder.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Manage and optimize your ad inventory efficiently, enhancing overall inventory performance.
  • Broadened Demand Sources: Gain exposure to a wide range of advertisers, diversifying revenue streams.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Get real-time insights into ad performance, allowing data-driven decisions.
  • Enhanced Competition: Foster a competitive environment where multiple advertisers bid for ad impressions.